Making a list of all the words that describe my journey is easy. Miraculous, restoration, resilience, healing, growth, overcome, fight, perseverance, hope, empowering, grace, and of course survivor!

The darkness that God pulled me out of was unimaginable for most. Does someone really truly become powerless over their own body and life? The answer is yes, they do. There are those that feed and prey on the broken. I was one of those. There are so many of us out there that have lived trauma after trauma and without trauma nothing seems normal after a mountain of traumas. But that was not what I was created for and God set me apart to learn that through servants. The hands of those who live to show others the power and glory of God, our Father. Those who want to show us how to harness the living power and purpose He laid inside us for Him. Those are the hands you see before you now. Take them as I did and your life will become yours again.

It will become your new life journey as it did mine. I now wake every day to my purpose and my power. I possess the promise of a new day and honor and reach back for those who have experienced that same darkness and do not really know how powerful they are. I am living in the abundance that God promised me if I would let Him lead me. As I take His hand each day He lifts me higher and higher. I gave Him my hands and am honored to watch them do His bidding. He showers me with love and overwhelms my heart and my home. My struggles are small in the light of His power. You can trust Him with your burdens and the pain you bear. He will turn those ashes into beauty you have only imagined. Give Him your hands.

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